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Ajwain Pachak Digestive Churan Pachak Churan

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  • Rs. 128.00

A delicious digestive churan that is healthy and beneficial to have at any time of the day. It is a great treat for your stomach too. A perfect taste digestive churan made from Celery, Dry Mango, Amla, Nausadar, Neembhusat, Salt, Excipients, Blacksalt which gives it a unique blend of taste and health. Digestives were the traditional Indian household preparations which were not only flavorsome but also had medicinal usage for digestive troubles. As tasty as they are, Digestives are absolutely irresistible.

Ingredients: Celery (Ajwain Dana), Dry Mango, Amla, Nausadar, Neembusat, Peeplamool, Salt and Black salt.

अजवाइन (अजवाइन दाना), सूखा आम, हरड़, नौसादर, नीमबसत, पीपलमूल, काला नमक और नमक।



1. Great Source of Thymol
2. Anti-fungal and Antibacterial
3. Cure Digestive Health
4. Help Lower Blood Pressure
5. Cough and Congestion Relief

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