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Banana Chips Black Pepper (150 gm)

Raja Ji Online

  • Rs. 110.00

Banana Chips made with the finest ingredients and originated. This quality product is 100% vegetarian and packed under hygienic conditions. Banana Chips (Black Pepper) and appreciated for its Light Quality, Crispy and fresh taste. They are prepared in pure quality oil but in minimum quantity keeping the fat content under control. It tastes enormous with any food you have. It carry a small convenient pack to your office and have something to munch on when hungry, A Little appetite snack .This Snack never lets you down at any Party, Function or even a small Picnic if you let it in your Menu. They are the perfect Snack for your tea time. This way you can balance the sweetness of the tea with something savoury, making it an even better combo!

• No Onion  • No Garlic

• No Artificial Colour • No Artificial Flavour

• ZERO Trans fat • ZERO Cholesterol

 Can consume in fasting (vrat)

Ingrdients: Banana, Refined Palmolein Oil, Black Pepper, Rock salt (Sendha Namak).

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