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Banarasi Meetha Pan | Sweet Pan Hygienically Packed Traditional Mukhwas - Mouth Freshener | Pan Masala

Raja Ji Online

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Raja Ji Online Indian Banarasi Pan Mouth freshener is a Perfect appetizer, good for digestion & stomach ailments. Raja Ji Online Banarasi pan is a "Without Tobacco, Chuna (limestone), Kattha (Catechu)"..Spit-Free Dry Pan, No need to spit this pan mukhwas. Banarasi Meetha pan or betel leaves stuffed with sweet, delicious, and juicy ingredients are a traditional iconic mouth freshener in India. Anyone hailing from subcontinent will immediately relate to pan from their own region, it is unique in its own way and owing to its historical and traditional value.Relish the delicious combination of sweet pan and aroma in every bite that will refresh your mouth.

Ingredients: Betel Leaves,Betel nut,Dry dates,Sugar,Fennel Rose Petals,Glazing Agent(INS-905 E Processing AID), Silver Leaves, Menthol,Food Color (INS122), Flavor -Artificial Flavoring Substance (Pan).

Health Benefits of Pan or Betel Leaves:

1. Oral Health 

2. Digestive Aid

3. Respiratory Health 

4. Anti-inflammatory effects 

5. Antioxidant Activity 

6. Wound Healing

7. Anti-Diabetic Potential 

By Animesh Bhardwaj,

Available Size: 100gm, 200gm, 400gm, 800gm. ( Pouch/Refill Pack )

Container/Box Pack:  150gm Container/Box Pack 

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