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Sweet Amla - 8001037 (440520585)

Dried Sweet Amla Candy Churan

Raja Ji Online

  • Rs. 215.00

A delicious and tingling candy that is healthy and beneficial to have at any time of the day. It is a great treat for your stomach too. A perfect taste candy made from Green Amla, Sugar, Sugar Syrup, Flavour & Edible Colour which gives it a unique blend of taste and health. These candies are made from the traditional indian household preparations which are not only flavorsome but also had medicinal usage for digestive troubles. As tasty as they are, these candies are absolutely irresistible.Amla promotes tissue and collagen formation. It heals wounds and scar. It improves eye vision. Amla is good source of Vitamin C, it builds body immune system and protects from infections. Amla aids the digestive process and cures constipation and other stomach problems. Amla candy is rich in minerals and vitamins. It strengthens heart muscles and lower glucose level.

Ingredients: Green Amla, Sugar, Sugar Syrup, Flavour & Edible Colour.

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