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Madrasi Saunf Mukhwas | Chennai Saunf | Madrasi White Saunf | Sweet White Fennel | Sweet, Peppermint Mouth Freshener

Raja Ji Online

  • Rs. 149.00

Raja Ji Online brings sweet peppermint mouth freshener that is fun and amazing to have at any time of the day. Madrasi Saunf | Chennai Saunf mukhwas is a delicious blend Fennel seeds coated with sugar. It is a great treat for your stomach too. Helps in Better Digestion. A perfect taste mixture made from AniSeeds, Sugar, Menthol, Sodium Saccharin, Permitted Flavor which gives it a unique blend of taste and health. It kills all the bad bacteria of mouth and gives a fine fresh breath. These products are processed under hygienic conditions using premium quality ingredients. The products offered by us are processed under the supervision of our experienced quality inspectors.These are packed by using high grade packaging materials that assure its taste, freshness, aroma and effectiveness for a longer period. It's used post meal as mouth freshener. Easy to carry Pouch/Container pack that can be kept in Office, Car or in your traveling bag.

Health benefits of fennel seeds
  • 1: Combats bad breath.
  • 2: Improves digestive health.
  • 3: Helps to regulate blood pressure.
  • 4: Reduces asthma and other respiratory ailments.
  • 5: Promotes lactation.
  • 6: Improves skin appearance.
  • 7: Purifies blood.
  • 8: Keeps cancer at bay.
  • NOTE/Advice : Consult your physician before use

Ingredients: AniSeeds , Sugar , Menthol , Sodium Saccchrine , Permitted Flavour.

Available Size: 100gm ,  200gm,  400gm,  800gm (Pouch/Refill Pack).

Container Pack: 150gm. 


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