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Manchali Imli Candy Churan | Khatti Meethi Imli | Tamarind Twist Candy | Tamarind Candy

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  • Rs. 120.00

Manchali imli candy churan a delicious and tingling candy that is fun and amazing to have at any time of the day. It is a great treat for your stomach too. This candy is purely made from herbal ingredients wrapped in little plastic wrappers twisted at each end. It is soft, fruity, slightly sour, chewy, and the overall flavor of this candy is just perfect  which gives it a unique blend of taste. It comes in toffee form and has a tangy mouthwatering taste. Easy to carry Pouch pack that can be kept in Office, Car or in your traveling bag.


1. Good Appetizer
2. Treat Nausea While Traveling
3. Treat Travel Sickness

Ingredients: Tamarind Pulp, Dry Mango, Sugar, Black salt, Salt, Black Pepper, Cumin.

Available Size:  100gm, 200gm, 400gm, 800gm (Pouch/Refill Pack).

Container Pack: 150gm. 


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