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Munakka Pachak Churan Goli Candy | Natural Munakka Digestive Churan

Raja Ji Online

  • Rs. 153.00

Raja Ji Online is pioneer in quality products since last 10 years in providing Tasty & healthy digestive churans, which are prepared using the finest quality handpicked ingredients & special blends of spices with traditional recipe to stimulate the digestive enzymes and acts as an appetizer. We have formulated prepared, processes and packed our products in a very hygienic condition with a recipe that has been handed down over generations to ensure better quality and authentic flavor to relish the delicious combinations in every bite to refresh your mouth and provides a royal feeling in every bite. Once try all Churan's.

Ingredients: Dry Raisins, Black Pepper, Cumin, Pomegranate, Salt, Sugar, Neembhusat, Black salt, Peppal, Cardamom, Dhaniya, amlaved.

Benefits: Controls acidity, Increases vision, Helps in weight gain, Good for teeth & gums, Prevents cancer, Cures hypertension, Effective in a dry cough, Controls bad breath, Effective in vertigo, Cures headache.

Available Size: 100gm, 200gm, 400gm, 800gm (Pouch/Refill Pack).

Container Pack: 200gm.

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