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Silver Rasili Soft Supari Mukhwas Saunf

Raja Ji Online

  • Rs. 198.00

A natural mouth freshener that is healthy and beneficial to have at any time of the day. It is a great treat for your stomach too. A perfect and healthy taste mouth freshener made from Dry Papaya, Sugar, Silver Leaves, Menthol Sucralose, Permitted Flavor & Color, Contains Permitted Syntactic Food Color, permitted artificial flavor which gives it a unique blend of taste and health. A semi soft dry papaya pieces coated with silver vark and a flavor of is most liked by the people who like soft mint taste These are packed by using high grade packaging materials that assure its taste, freshness, aroma and effectiveness for a longer period.

Ingredients: Dry Papaya, Sugar, Silver Leaves, Menthol Sucrose, Permitted Flavor & Color, Contains Permitted Syntactic Food Color, Added Artificial Flavor.

Available Size:  50gm,  100gm,  200gm,  400gm.