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Feeki Tej Sikki Supari Mouth Freshener

Raja Ji Online

  • Rs. 260.00

A natural supari mouth freshener made from natural Betel Nuts, Menthol, etc. Its unique taste and natural ingredients with digestive properties keep your stomach happy. Our products are packed by using high grade packaging materials that assure it's taste, freshness, aroma and effectiveness for a longer period. Our premium quality products will ensure that your every meal is special and memorable. 
Easy to carry Pouch pack that can be kept in Office, Car or in your traveling bag.
Raja Ji online store brings you different flavors-chikni chura supari, elaichi chickni supari, ice cream supari, laccha supari dry dates supari and many more.
Keep products in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight/ humidity. Best before 365 days from date of manufacture. 
Ingredients: Betel Nuts, Menthol, Sodium Saccchrine, Edible Oil, Contains Added Flavour, Nature Identical & Artificial Flavouring Substances.
Available Size: 100gm, 200gm,  400gm,  800gm (Pouch/Refill Pack).
Container Pack:  150gm 


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