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Benefits of Hing

Posted by Anna Anandita on

Hing or Asafoetida is the dried latex (gum oleoresin) exuded from the rhizome or tap root of several species of Ferula. It is also called "stinking gum", "devil's dung" or "food of the devils". It is widely used in every part of India, both in medicine and in cookery.


Asafoetida is mentioned quite a lot in Jewish literature, such as the Mishnah.


For our skin:

  • A paste of hing with multani mitti and honey helps fight the signs of ageing. 
  • It has great skin brightening and radiance properties.
  • It is valuable for acne free skin. 
  • It helps in reducing dry skin and allergies naturally.

For our hair:

  • Hing is a great natural hair conditioner than the chemical ones.
  • It reduces dryness, dandruff, oil in the scalp.
  • Hing prevents hair fall.

For our health:

  • Hing is anti-viral and anti-asthmatic and a forefront in treating cough and cold.
  • It helps in good digestive and anti-acidic properties.
  • Consumption of hing has been known to have healing properties since ancient times.
  • Hing has mood elevating and anti-depressing properties.
  • It is good for physical well-being
  • It reduces menstrual cramps 
  •  Cure Indigestion
  •  Cure Acidity and Gastric Troubles

  • Help Lowering Blood Pressure

  •  Help Lowering Blood Sugar

  • Help Ease Asthma Symptoms

Bottom line being, Hing has a lot of wonderful benefits as a culinary spice as well as in health. It is truly the food of Gods.

You can also try the famous Raja Ji Online Hing Goli and Hing Wati/Vati which is well known for its taste and health benefits.

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