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Why Jeera or Cumin is Good for Health

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Jeera or Cumin is a very common ingredient that you can find in every household in India. Indians use jeera in their dish to enhance the flavour of the dish, it has also got so many health benefits. Jeera has also got a special place in the world of spices. You can also make digestive churan or Jeera goli with the jeera seeds.

Apart from taste, jeera has lots of health benefits and that’s why you should use it in your diet.

Health Benefits of Jeera Water: Improved Digestion, Weight Loss, etc. | How  to Make Cumin Water Concoctions to Drink

Jeera or Cumin Seeds

Health Benefits of Jeera:

● Promotes Digestion

● Is a Rich Source of Iron

● Contains Beneficial Plant Compounds

● May Help with Diabetes

● May Improve Blood Cholesterol

● Common cold

● Digestion

For Skin:

● Treats acne

● Soothes your skin

● Get glowing skin

● Treats hair loss

● Gets rid of dandruff

Fun Fact:

● Jeera water is a drink made of ground cumin. It is a popular and often consumed beverage (especially during the summer) in the southern parts of India.

● India is the largest manufacturer (70% of globally produced cumin) and the greatest consumer of cumin (Indians consume 90% of produced cumin). India produces around 175.000 tons of cumin annually

You can try the famous Raja JI Online Jeera Pachak and Raja JI Online Jeera Goli Chatpati, which are well known for their taste and health benefits.

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