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Childhood Nostalgia : Orange Candy

Posted by Anna Anandita on

“Ek me 4 wali toffee”

More than a decade back, this was what we used to call this candy. As children, this was the candy we could buy in plenty. 

A single rupee had the power to bring the power of riches to us back then. 

When I find orange candy these days, it takes me back to my childhood. I remember my four-year-old self running down to the local shop at the end of the street whenever I had a one rupee change. That was all I needed to buy my favourite orange candy, which cost a rupee.  On lucky days when I had a five rupee note, I would go home extremely happy, with a pocket full of the sweet treats.

The candy made me so happy. They are intricately laced with the nostalgia of my childhood, in memory. I loved the orangey, sweet flavour, and the fact that they were so cheap.

Almost everyone who grew up then—and until the early 2000s—remembers the candies.


  • Orange is a citrus fruit available in the market any time of the year.
  • Oranges are good sources of Vitamin B and C as well as dietary fibers.

    Oranges find uses in various recipes, beverages, juices and natural medications. An orange or two each week, or more, is definitely a must. Instead of going through the act of peeling, eating and disposing an orange, people prefer to grab orange candy instead. 

    Just make sure, the candies are of premium quality.


    For health

    • Oranges boost brain health and provide better memory
    • Positive in improved reflexes, Hand eye coordination and cognition
    • Helps improve the immune system
    • Vitamin C and A in oranges help protect eyesight

    For skin

    • Vitamin C in orange reduces signs of ageing like wrinkles, spots,etc
    • Helps in clearer skin

    Clearly, a quality candy can make a lot of difference.

    You can also try the famous Raja Ji Online Orange Khatti Meethi Candy which is well known for the premium quality and mouth watering taste.

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