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Health Benefits of Gulkand

Posted by Sumedha Chhikara on

Many of us eat Gulkand when we eat the paan. It is an essential part of the mukhwas that we eat after meals. However, Gulkand can and should be eaten by itself too. There are many health benefits of Gulkand because of the nutritious ingredients in it. It is basically known for its cooling properties. It is also called a natural coolant. Gulkand is essentially considered a medicine in Ayurveda.

The Making of Gulkand

Gulkand is an easy to prepare delicacy, which can be made at home without much hassle. All that is required are Damask rose petals and sugar. The rose petals are washed and then slightly dried using a towel. Then, the petals and sugar are alternately layered in a clean glass jar with a lid. This jar is kept in sunshine for at least six hours every day, and is stirred slightly to maintain its composition. Within a period of a month, the Gulkand is ready to consume when it would have become a thick, sugary concentrate. Some additional ingredients such as silver foil, cardamom seeds, Prayal Pishti (coral calcium) or Mukta Pishti (powdered pearl) can be put in the Gulkand jar to enhance its coolant properties.

 Health Benefits of Gulkand are listed ­­­below: -

  • Helps in the process of digestion
  • Relieves lethargy, itching, inflammation and redness
  • Removes toxins and purifies the blood
  • Improves memory and eyesight
  • Aids in relieving constipation, acidity, gastritis and indigestion
  • Help in removing sunburns marks
  • Prevent from Heartburn & Gastritis

 Bottom Line:

Rich, sweet and full of flavours Gulkand can make your deserts and regular milkshakes more stimulating. Not only high on taste it is immensely rich in antioxidants and other nutrients. Try Gulkand to reap its health benefits. 

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