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5 Reasons why the Good Paan is Healthy

Posted by Sumedha Chhikara on

In India, Paan or Betel leaf has played an important role since ancient times. The use of Paan was known for centuries for its curative properties. Paan is used as a restorative, an antiseptic, and a breath freshener. The leaves are rich in vitamins like vitamin C, thiamine, niacin, riboflavin and carotene and are a great source of calcium. Because of its medicinal and herbal properties, paan plays a very important role in oral hygiene.

If you look on the other hand, you see paan has a symbolic value at ceremonies and cultural events in south and Southeast Asia. Paan is often offered to guests and visitors as a sign of hospitality.  

Mostly in India paan is referred to as a digestive aid. It has breath-freshening and relaxant properties. Most of the time people eat paan after a meal or sometimes they eat at any time of the day. There are several general types of paan, including meetha (sweet) paan, dry paan, thanda meetha paan. If you are looking for a natural and authentic taste, then check out Rajaji Online. Their thanda meetha paan is made with traditional ingredients, such as coconut, aniseed, cardamom, dried dates and can be consumed by everyone in the family.

5 benefits of eating the paan are :-

  1. Helps in improving the digestion:  As mentioned above, paan is a digestive aid. So, whenever you feel some bloating in your stomach or your digestive system is not performing well, try eating a paan. It will help you with your digestion problem.
  2. Good for Skin: Very few of us know that the antimicrobial properties of betel leaves (paan Ka Patta) help in giving us a pimple-acne-free, smooth skin. It prevents/cures skin allergies, rashes due to dry skin, dark spots, in removing sunburns also. 
  3. Helpful in maintaining oral hygiene: Betel leaves help in preventing tooth decay and also keeps our teeth and gums  solid or healthy. This is because betel leaves contain antibacterial properties which can help counter bad oral cleanliness.
  4. Eases Constipation: Betel leaves are a powerhouse of antioxidants that clear radicals from the body. Sometimes the ph level of the stomach increases which increases the acid level in the stomach due to this upset stomach. So if you consume the Betel leaves it helps the body and an upset stomach Ayurveda broadly suggests eating betel leaves  for relief from constipation.
  5. Used in medicine for treatment: Betel leaf generally helps in treating many health related issues like in abscesses, constipation, conjunctivitis, itches, rheumatism, abrasions, and many more. This is because Betel leaf has antibacterial properties and these properties help in the treatment.

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